Blog – The Insights of a Psychic

Caveat :

This is a space for me to share my thoughts as a psychic.

What follows are snapshots of one evolving awareness.

Feel free to ask questions and offer feedback.


Paul Denton

Psychic Consultant


#Acceptance  – Part 1:

#Understanding and feeling.

One of THE most important tools in anybody’s toolkit!

#Acceptance isn’t about #submission to something or someone and it’s not about being #weak or settling for defeat, nor is it (which may sound surprising) about resolving something first so you can then move on.

#Acceptance is about actually seeing things ‘in the moment’ as they really are. It’s being truly honest with yourself and REAL.

But you might say that you can’t accept how you feel when you feel rubbish or #confused or hurt, but that’s exactly when you #need to accept it.

I remember someone who was confused about her life and stuck in a #wheel of thoughts, she was trying to realise clarity for herself but instead was just becoming more and more #stressed and #distracted.

I put forward #Acceptance and she fired back with ‘How can I accept it all when I’m so confused?’ My response was, Be confused! Accept you’re confused! It’s real and it’s the truth, what’s so bad about being confused?’(…or angry, sad, impatient, unhappy, frustrated…etc.)

Instead of trying to resolve something that is unresolvable right now, just accept it as it is right now, warts and all!

If you stop feeding the wheels of unresolved haunting thoughts, they will stop spinning. Stop feeding and start accepting.

So; Feel the feelings, acknowledge the frustration, witness it but don’t judge! It is what it is, just for now.

Trust that if it’s really needed, you’ll get resolution/understanding/closure about it in the future. Maybe you will, maybe in the future it just won’t really matter anymore. But not accepting the truth of how it seems and how YOU FEEL about it and even worse; judging yourself or others for the #unresolved dilemmas is a recipe for #toxic stress. Be kinder to yourself please!

So wherever you are, accept it, this removes the pressure of needing to #understand or to #resolve things before you allow yourself to accept and to let it go and move forward.

It’s not avoiding or denying anything and if you’re feeling on your knees because you’re feeling browbeaten, upset or stressed, whatever you’re feeling then say to yourself; ‘IT’S A FAIR COP,’ THIS IS HOW I FEEL!

Importantly, you’re also not judging or #blaming yourself or anyone else, you’re just acknowledging yourself and how you feel. It’s being #REAL.

You don’t have to ‘fix’ yourself, you were never #broken in the first place. You are just a work in progress like the rest of us.

This is a classic demonstration of where you are, NOT who you are!

Honest acceptance of yourself, your thoughts and behaviour (however painful or embarrassing) allows you to make mature choices and MOVE ON!

Example: ‘I don’t know but I accept that I don’t know. I hope in time that I won’t feel this way and that things will change or that I’ll understand WHY, but right now I don’t know why and I accept that.’ 

If you say to yourself in any given moment, “I accept that right now this is how it is and right now, this is how I feel” and say that with real feeling, it is so, so empowering!

Upstairs gave me a little #mantra/phrase as a #shortcut to use when I struggle with acceptance which I’ve always found helped me a lot;


Say it to yourself as often as you need to get through #THOSE MOMENTS. Say it with passion and feeling.

Even better, say it to yourself with humour. (Especially if your prone to taking yourself too seriously, as I do.) Try to laugh at yourself, respectfully and with love, of course.

If the acceptance you are struggling with is about someone else, then also try;


Start to see the unnecessary dramas you create and choose to be the grown up.

Onwards and Upwards!




 Nobody gets extra points with Upstairs for being a long suffering #martyr who foregoes personal happiness for what they see as #DUTY.

I remember passing the following message on from #Upstairs to a friend of mine who had assumed the role of  #carer for years to an elderly parent and separately to a middle aged sister and brother, who were all #self-destructive and #alcohol dependant (and who all eventually died of associated health problems), despite having a family and children of her own to also look after.

In a very simple yet profound statement they told me to tell her;

‘There is no such thing as duty, only choice.’    

 She felt like Upstairs had given her #permission to live her own life and make her own choices without the #burden that her #good hearted ideas about #self-sacrifice and family #obligations had given her.

She took a big step away from the ongoing dramas and the drunken phone calls at 3am and clearly drew a strong boundary between herself and the chaos of the last remaining sister.

She weathered the initial surges of #emotional-blackmail and drama and got her own life back!

It was a joy to witness!

I’ll never forget it nor will I ever forget those words;

‘There is no such thing as duty, only choice.’    



#Choices and the #Footsteps of others

There are many #spiritual/self-help books and #teachings out there, along with #religions, informal groups, #fanatics and also individuals who are quietly #exploring and #experimenting with ideas or banging the drum about their #beliefs, looking for direction and answers to questions.

There is also a vast swathe of population that has abandoned such pursuits, looking for answers in more material ways. Measuring success by their achievements within the ‘tribe’ of their peers as well as an increasing shift to #celebrity culture and trying to seek validation and #self-worth through the attention of others.

There is #NO BEST WAY!  

  • Every choice will bring you opportunities.
  • Remember; 1.1.5 #Realisations and #Wisdom.
  • The choices you make, show where (not who) you are.
  • It’s good to explore where you’re drawn to explore.
  • Upstairs will respect your choices.
  • Upstairs will send guidance; sometimes subtly sometimes directly, sometimes repeatedly, but you’re NEVER judged for your choices, however many times you might have missed the point being presented in the world around you.
  • Nothing is wasted, even repeat business will just add more proof when either; realisation in the present, or hindsight about the past gives you the clarity you were looking for.

#Always remember that, YOU are the only one who can #choose where/what you #explore along the way and just to clarify; there’s no fudging a choice by avoiding to choose, as not choosing is a valid choice too.

Every choice of action or non-action will alter your road ahead and bring you a response from the universe, think; #Cause and Effect, or #Laws of Attraction.

So, Trust Yourself!

Don’t let others pressure you to choose, YOU choose when YOU are ready!

#Relationships and #friendships may have a sell-by-date and aren’t possessions to be owned, so remember that your life is your #responsibility, so don’t #sacrifice your ability to choose what feels right for you against your better judgement just to appease someone else or to ‘hang on’ to a friendship.

Your life and your own evolution are too important for that.




No one is special, as #special implies that one person is greater and that another person is lesser, but that is impossible, because we are all #unique, so how can one be greater and one lesser, how can you compare apples with pears?

Okay, so realising that no one is special but everyone is #unique; Then each and every day of your life you are effectively reinventing the wheel, living your unique life which has #never been lived before.

Please appreciate what a big deal that is and #appreciate yourself for taking this on, you already know it can be really tough at times!

Okay, if you’re not going to say it to yourself then I will; WELL DONE!!


A word about the #Emotions

Your #Emotions; a huge multi coloured/textured force. It may feel like a burden at times but it gives your #humanity depth and vitality.

The #Emotional Self, pinned somewhere between the #Mind and the #Body in its density and responsiveness, dances to a very different drum. If you give it space and a safe environment to express itself then you’ll reduce #anxiety triggered (from the Mind) #emotional surges, but its poignancy and life affirming energy remains. Leaving you with a coaxing, reassuring but essentially a witnessing and accepting parental approach.

Because make no mistake; it’s NOT about suppressing the ‘Feelings that emotions provide, it’s about allowing them to run through you and run their course, learning to swim with them and not be drowned by them.

(NB. Also check out 1.1.6 –  Being #self-aware about your feelings.)

Think of the Body as earth or solid, the Mind as air or gas and the Emotions as water or liquid. These metaphors may help you to understand the characteristics and nature of each and how you experience them.

e.g. Take the often overwhelming grief of losing a loved one; it’s a tsunami that knocks you off your feet. But it’s created from the energy of love.

If we didn’t love, we wouldn’t grieve. It’s a beautiful, beautiful, heart aching expression of love. Don’t try to hold it back, be with it, endure and witness the power of it.

In my past I’ve lived in a detached, dry and dusty sterile space, dismissing the #value of feeling for the #value of mind as a ‘higher’ place to live from. Having been there I can say without doubt or hesitation that I would never live there again by choice.

#Appreciate ALL the parts of #yourself, they ALL have a #purpose. You are a team of physical, emotional and mental #energies set within this life, encompassed by #spiritual energies which are yours to #explore.

#Onwards and upwards folks!


Your Body’s #higher purpose – hidden depths

Your #Body isn’t just there to transport you through this physical life, it also has a much more important #spiritual role and potential.

The #Body is an antenna (a.k.a. temple) for the #Soul; A home or #grounding connection, for the Soul’s incarnation and expression and an important part of your toolkit this lifetime. Your body is an astonishing conduit, able to hold, translate and ground even very #high spiritual energies. This ability to hold higher energies as part of a communication process is (often in partnership with your emotional self) called, Clairsentience or Clear feeling.

Remember this is relative to your uniqueness, so don’t let age, infirmity or #disability hold you back from exploring the #potentials of your own #evolution as it takes you through this life and beyond. 


A word about the #Physical Body

The dense nature of your #physical body compared to the surging momentum of your #emotional self and the whip like speed of your #mind dictate how they react and respond to your new parenting inputs.

Under the rule of (self-appointed big brother/sister) Mind, they would have been living under an atmosphere of constantly fluctuating levels of #stress which if prolonged over time (and despite your body’s good natured resilience) could lead to #dis-ease or other rebellious behaviour.

So when pursuing dialogue, take their different densities and levels of responsiveness into account.

Whereas your #Mind might require an #assertive #rational verbal approach, your #Body might respond better to pampering, care and attention, with a more “THERE, THERE!” nurturing ‘younger child’ approach.


The tools in your tools kit – Part 2 (Be your own parent)

Ongoing dialogue, reassurance and good but firm parenting of your mind, emotions and physical body are crucial and need to become a normal part of your self-awareness. The parenting of yourself and its parts (a.k.a. your toolkit) needs to be ongoing and regular or neglect will knock you out of your centre and realignment will be needed to put you back there.

Be warned that incoming fears, sometimes ridiculous or abstract, will occur in the early stages of your new parenting role, as the mind fears it’s losing control of you as THE principal driver of YOU. Remember this is the role it has always had so keep your parental focus and assertive intention, AND your sense of humour because it WILL come out with some corkers in its panic.

Do I mean, talking out aloud to it?

Yes, I do when you can.

What do I say when my mind throws fears at me?

You tell it to SHUT UP! Though as well as being firm and the voice of authority you also need to recognise its insecurity and attention seeking nature. So, also be compassionate and reassure your #mind that it is still valued (and a valuable member of your team) and that YOU are the parent in charge and will keep it safe.

NB. When your parental role is established and finally embedded, your mind will calm down with far less traffic of random (attention seeking) fears as it starts to trust #YOU THE PARENT.


The tools in your #tools kit -The car analogy

Try this: Picture your mind, emotions and physical body as passengers within a car that symbolises you on your journey through life and how their infighting and competitiveness to control the steering wheel is natural, but irrelevant, as your calm but often ignored #spiritual self is changing the whole landscape that the car is passing through anyway, quietly and without drama from the back seat.

Now see each of your car’s passengers as a separate part of you, as equally important tools in your toolkit, rather than the competitive, dysfunctional team they often feel like.

Look at it this way; If your mind really believes it is the responsible adult steering the car (whole self) through challenging roads in directions of its choosing and that it looks down at the emotions and physical body as lesser passengers and frequently as liabilities, then this is going to create rebelliousness and disharmony within the car itself.

SO TRUST in your connected spiritual self by default as your mind isn’t the designated driver here, it just assumes it is!

Have compassion for your mind’s insecurities, but don’t let it hold you back through its need to understand first, as that’s just the mind wanting to feel in control and within its own #comfort zones.

It’s about having #communication and a real dialogue with ALL the passengers in your car. Acknowledging them, valuing them, nurturing them and being the responsible adult for often wilful, insecure children.

So, #step up to the plate and become the parent you are meant to be and don’t blame the kids if they act selfishly or wilfully, after all they’ve never been given proper #boundaries by you and your often immature mind has grabbed the role of authority in your absence.

YOU are in charge; YOU are the parent




#Spiritual ambition is still #ambition; whichever way you rationalise it.

So let’s watch the #ego folks, because it’s always easier to see the dynamics of other people’s lives than it is your own.

Your own #evolution is personal and #unique to you; it isn’t linear i.e. A, B, C… but free flowing and often beyond the limitations of your mind to understand in any given moment, except perhaps with hindsight. So never assume you ‘know best’, for anyone else, nor try to control them for ‘their own good’. Allow them to breathe and make their own choices and don’t justify judgement, packaging it as, ‘good intentions’.

And please don’t try to justify your ambition as ‘worthy’ because you’re only wanting to #advance so that you can #help others, think how arrogant that sounds, I should know, ‘Been there, done that’. My old #mantra was; “I just want to make a difference!”

Expectations however grand are still limitations, so don’t hold yourself back. And don’t try to fool yourself by coating desire with good intentions – I know I have – Make a difference? M.A.D., Yeah, Paul…Oh Please! Cringe! – LOL

Remember ambition of any kind is a choice but #fulfilment of #personal desires is not a #spiritual entitlement.

Frankly, thank goodness it is! Who wants the journey ahead to be simple enough for our current mind’s level of understanding to comprehend, I mean seriously how short a journey and small a step would that be.



#Stepping Stones

A natural part of #spiritual development, are ‘Stepping Stones’: Those people, experiences and situations which punctuate our lives, #challenging and motivating us, easing us forward or shaking us up when we’re stuck, but ultimately moving us on.

Settling for a fixed point of #belief (within which), to filter the outlook of your life and choices, is a choice, but stepping stones were never meant to be destinations, so why choose a perspective with such #limitations?      



#Exploring your spirituality

Spirituality is the single biggest resource available to guide and support you, not as a concept or a belief system but as something to be explored within the context of your own life.

#Religion is one choice for your expression, but it’s not a necessity. There is no one belief system that trumps all others, most have a core of common truths that may have, through interpretation, been compromised by dogma, yet still have #inspirational wisdom in there, that you can include in your life without committing yourself to someone else’s #belief ‘system’.

Don’t wait for the perfect package to fall at your feet, allow your #beliefs and your ideas to breathe and develop. Every #spiritual concept is only useful and valid while it feels useful and valid for you and no one can define that currency except YOU!

#Exploring spirituality is an organic process that will (if allowed) #evolve naturally, fuelled by growing #awareness and life’s experiences. So don’t hold onto beliefs too rigidly, so that they may have room to #evolve and grow.

Remember, they don’t define you because as with all things; ‘They show where you are NOT who you are’.



#Your Purpose!

Is to recognise and #respect your uniqueness, and TO #EVOLVE!

This will mean using opportunities sought or presented along the way and the tools in your tool kit, to explore your #pathway through the expanding awareness of your own #unique life.

You are a #soul incarnate, THAT IS HUGE! please appreciate that and appreciate yourself.




#Feeling stuck.

I remember on one of many occasions when I felt my life had slowed down to a standstill and I seemed #stuck; ‘upstairs’ explained it to me by likening it to a candle flame in a still room – when you look closely, the candle flame is never really still or stuck but constantly moving, #shining it’s light and drawing other people and situations towards that light.

We are all constantly moving even when we think we are stuck.

Don’t assume that slow is a negative, it’s just the terrain you’re passing through and it’s linked to the unique energy of your personal journey, sometimes slow, sometimes challenging/emotional/stressful/peaceful and everything in between.

Sometimes #feeling stuck is just a punctuation mark on your time line.

 Light and shade anyone?


Really enjoyed reading the blog. Many of my counselling clients initially report feeling stuck, but it never ceases to amaze me that by talking and focusing on the ‘stuckness’ it then frees it, and things move nicely after that.

I remind them that even when they feel stuck they’re not, and that by the fact they feel stuck means movement & change is on the way.

Paula Honeyands – Greater Manchester – January 2017


Being #self-aware about your  feelings.


People often just react to (triggered) angry feelings by blaming who they feel is responsible;

i.e. He/she made me so angry!

Really? So he/she ripped open your chest, threw in a big lump of anger and sewed you up again? Sorry but no, no, no!

The anger was already there, a part of your emotional toolkit. It belongs to you!

#Anger is a great example because it’s seen as a negative emotion, destructive and linked with violence, ego and lack of self-control.

However, anger ‘itself’ is valuable and a resource to be used.

The energy of #anger can be used to empower us, think #assertiveness. It helps us draw and defend our own personal boundaries from clumsy or malicious invasion by another’s behaviour or needs.

Many people don’t have a relationship with their own emotions, particularly anger;

‘I am a nice person, I want to be seen as a nice person (or an intelligent or a #spiritual person) so I can’t express anger because nice people don’t do that, so I become afraid of anger, especially my own and #disempower myself’.

Watch for the universe challenging this fear by throwing #triggers at you to bring out your anger.

It’s just trying to help you to have a healthy relationship with that part of yourself.

Don’t see this as some kind of punishment but another of the #universal laws that we are connected too.

It’s simply that where we are held back or polluted by a part of our own humanity or behaviour, this will automatically attract responses from ‘upstairs’ intended to help us deal with our ‘stuff’. Sometimes gentle, sometimes challenging but always without #judgement or #blame.

Yes, anger can be destructive, it’s a #powerful resource.

But it’s only destructive if it is aimed outwards towards others, or through resentment of others, or #self-loathing, when it eats at us from inside.

Use it well and it becomes a feeling of strength and #assertiveness.

I’ve included an exercise 1.1.6A intended as an aid for you to become aware of anger as a tool of action not a triggered reaction or defensive reflex.

Have a go and see what you think.

Exercise 1.1.6A

Try this; Watch some television alone, preferably one the soap operas which are scripted to trigger your emotional responses (and are often very toxic to witness).

Be aware how you feel as you watch the soap characters constantly attack or try to score points with each other. Realise how your anger is triggered within you as you watch!

Now, realise that you are alone so you can’t blame anyone for the anger you are now feeling nor lash out at someone else, blaming them. It’s coming from just watching a soap opera, a piece of fiction, it isn’t real so just acknowledge the feeling, recognise your ownership of it and sit with it. Don’t try to do anything with it or push it away or rationalise it away, just sit with it and witness it. Let is stew.

There, it didn’t kill you or turn you into evil Mr. Hyde from nice Doctor Jekyll now did it?

If you need to, then repeat this exercise as needed. The aim being, for you to feel your own anger, to witness it and to #lose your fear of it polluting or #controlling you.

From this you become familiar with your own #anger and the triggers start to be become transparent and maybe even predictable then they will  lose their #power over you.

You’re ready then to watch out for the #triggers in your own ‘real’ life. It’s a challenge because the unscripted storyline of your life  can be less predictable (at first). But triggers are still triggers and having become more #self-aware by witnessing fiction, you start to not just live your life, but witness how you work while you’re living it !

You’ll still feel anger at times, you’re not #suppressing it, but you own it and it gets triggered less and less. You’ve found the volume control and the on/off button.

Now it’s time for it to be used as a fuel for strength and assertiveness by bringing it up without triggers(eg. television) as you sit quietly alone.

Just #visualise/imagine your anger as a red energy mist, heavy red liquid or red light stored down near the base of your spine (your base #chakra, for those who prefer a reference).

Some people work better ‘feeling’ rather than ‘seeing’ so do whatever feels most natural for you and BE PATIENT with yourself it may take a little practise, don’t stretch or reach for it, be focused but relaxed about it !

#Visualise bringing it up higher, then up into your chest, then just sit with it and FEEL IT!

Feel how strong it makes you feel, you are in that moment #empowered by your own anger. Assertiveness personified!

Just take a few quiet moments before entering a situation or meeting a person where you feel unsure or anxious and bring up the anger-tool from your tool kit using this exercise. The more you are familiar with the technique and the feeling, the easier and quicker you can plug into it.

Let that assertiveness help you to say NO! Without feeling guilty when you want to say NO!

FEEL how strong and confident you feel, NOT ANGRY BUT STRONGER!

It’s real, it’s valid and it’s YOURS!

It NOT the enemy within but simply one of the tools you have been given along with others (more later) that are here to help you #experience this life and #evolve.


#Realisations and #Wisdom.

#Upstairs told me years ago that the #path to wisdom was:

Experience and #knowledge, knowledge and experience

often repeated in different forms many times until (at the right time)

a #realisation occurs (critical mass or #divine inspiration?) and then,

there with you, sits #wisdom, be it about one small aspect, or profound truths that change our lives’.

Always remember that no one is broken, so no one needs fixing. 

We are ALL just a work in progress!

An awful lot of knowledge and experience comes to us in the day to day living of our lives. But it’s the #realisations that open our eyes as to why those experiences came our way and what they meant.

We then begin to understand more and then in being honest with ourselves we can see how it all helped to let go of often unintentionally selfish attitudes and ideas about our own selves and others that were holding us back and attracting repeat business.

This honesty without judgement is a HUGE moment ! It might not seem a big deal but in reality it’s a barricade busting moment as #awareness/self-awareness is now genuinely there for you to consciously explore.

So see how important it is to recognise how personal and unique each person’s path really is (including your own)and even when they might seemed trapped within their own behaviour it’s important to remember that like the rest of us, a #negative place doesn’t define them;


It bears repeating ; We are ALL just a work in progress!

We have to allow others to want to find solutions from their own unique #perspective when (and if) their realisations trigger their own self-awareness.



Remember just like you, everyone one has had their own life #experiences that created their own #unique backstory.

A challenging customer, neighbour, relative? Be #aware. Their behaviour belongs to them!

Why they try to involve you in their drama may have absolutely nothing to do with you!

You can’t be expected to know what their ‘back story’ is, but you can #trust that just like you, everyone has one.

In the short term; maybe their much loved pet just died, their partner left them or recently they have got wedged into a cycle of #boredom, frustration and then resentment.

In the longer term; they may feel #emotionally ‘painted into a corner’ by a relationship, or more simply they’re just struggling to cope and are still awaiting the realisations that will give them the #wisdom and #perspective they need.

You aren’t here to fix anyone, nor to be drawn into a conflict just so they can vent themselves upon you. Martyrs don’t get extra points from upstairs so why do it?

Have #compassion, but use your #awareness to not need to ‘understand’ or ‘fix’.

Remember, it’s the height of arrogance to think you know what is best for another adult, even when they seem to be self-destructing. You haven’t lived through their back story, nor do you have their #unique personal perspective. They’ve arrived at this point through their own angle of approach and only they can change the trajectory that their pathway is aiming towards.

You ALWAYS have a choice;

  • Accept, Allow and Step Back.
  • Accept, Allow, Offer Help when you feel able to, Then Step Back.

Have #patience with them to choose whatever they choose, when they feel able to do so.


#Life is about evolution.

#Magic wands aren’t available to remove problems/difficulties/challengers. Magic moments are great, realisations and epiphanies inspire and motivate, but jumping from one thing to another looking for magic wands or short cuts, kind of misses the point, the clue’s in the name; #Evolution – ongoing process/journey.

“I know, I know, wouldn’t it be nice to press a button or wave a wand every time there’s a challenge.” Okay ‘evolution and ongoing’ sounds dull but you’ll find it isn’t as it sounds.

Magic wands look like the only answer when living your life just reacting to situations and other people, being taken by surprise, then perhaps judging them to justify your sense of injustice.

I remember years ago on a managers’ course in my old career being told that ‘I didn’t include myself’. I had absolutely no idea what that meant. But the phrase stuck and haunted me as something that I didn’t Get, that I felt I needed to Get. Meanwhile I carried on living and with hindsight, ‘evolving’ – Yes we’re #evolving even when we aren’t #conscious of taking part, it’s just so much easier and less stressful being aware and properly involved.

With hindsight what was lacking was an honest sense of my own self. I identified myself purely through the responses and reactions of others. My #mind was the judge and jury of my own sense of #self-worth and was based upon my limited experience and limited #awareness of the world around me.

It’s all fairly transparent to me now and I can see how it attracted repeat business, but through the #knowledge and experiences of that repeat business I finally was in a space ripe for the #realisations that moved me on…… NEXT!  LOL


#Evolution not #Enlightenment.

For me #evolution sits easier with me than words like #enlightenment. Words have history and associations, so I often prefer to side step the old phrases and come in from a different angle using words to create new doors. Certainly in the past my own #spiritual guides have taken great liberties with words to get through to me, this has kept me open and on my toes in a really fun way – I will share these with you at some point and you’ll see what I mean as it demonstrates that contact and guidance from upstairs isn’t pious or controlling but a relationship that can often be fun and tongue in cheek as well as supportive, non judgemental and accepting, but brace yourself! – Very, Very Honest!

#Enlightenment itself is often seen as attained or reached and then worn like a uniform of superiority, higher image/state of consciousness to aspire too. It slots into place and there you are spiritual leader/guru? NO, NO, YOU ARE NOT!

#Enlightenment, like evolution is an ongoing #journey. You can’t own it and attachment to the value of it would probably sabotage it anyway.

It’s #infinite which if you think about it is even ‘cooler’, because as you evolve through this life and beyond you will look back to old dreams and #aspirations and you’ll realise how they seem so tame now.


My job isn’t a #psychic, nor is it a street cleaner, librarian or soldier.

My job is Paul as yours is YOU!

It’s 24/7, 365 days a year with no bank holidays or annual leave. We are in it for the long haul, so pace yourself folks and try to prioritise some fun just for fun’s sake too.

Here’s a tip from someone who is prone to taking this job of life far too seriously. i.e. Me!

Think of it as an ongoing holiday job, rather than this heavy, heavy serious career and imagine how your attitude would lift while living the job at hand (i.e. You), it helps to lighten things at times, we can still get the job done but it allows us to see it as less of a burden and more as an #adventure.

The conventional work we identify with to pay the bills, to express ourselves, to give us some sense of identity, all these are just #opportunities to interact with others and to be caught up within experiences, #evolving through #realisations and becoming a witness to our own thoughts and feelings. Initially, through #reflection and hindsight, then leading on to being aware of ourselves and our feelings in the present moment as we live it, seeing patterns in ourselves and others, as behaviour and motivations become clearer.